Thanks for visiting our page. Hereby I would like to expalin the flow of buying and selling used cars through us.

There are 3 cases that I can thik of. First of all, in the case that you live in Japan and want to buy or sell a car only once. In this case you can simply call us and ask us to sell or buy a car. I can take you to the auction and help buying or selling used cars. 

 You would pay for the deposit of auction tour and commission of sellinig or buyingn used cars and the tour will be conducted.  For buying used cars, we will be there early and try to find the car you want. We can check the appearance, engine, and bodies. There may be the case that you cannot find the car you want even though there are over approximately over 50,000 used cars. In that case you just pay for the tour fee. If you could get the successful bid, I will charge for buying used cars through auction. The tour fee and commission can be negotiated. For selling, you have to make sure to bring your car to the auction before the auction date. 

This is the second case. If you live in Japan and want to buy or sell used cars constantly, you may want to have the online system to see the past successful bid. In that case, pls pay the membership fee annually for the online system. Pls ask us abt the price. 

This is the third case that you live in overseas and wanna import used cars constantly. In that case, I will share the online system for you to pick up the car you want and see the past successful bid. Pls pay the annual membership fee. 


For the sysmte, pls check the link below.


The payment can be done by either paypal or bank  transfer. Pls tell us which way you prefer.


What will you do after being the annual membership to see the online system?

There are many used car auction held everyday. But we focus on the biggest one on Thursday. From Wedneseday night, you can see which cars will be auctioned. Pls choose the car you want and share it with me on the system. Pls do not forget to tell me your budget or bidding price for the car you want. On the system, you can see the auction sheet to find out the condition of the car inspected by the professional inspector. But if you want me to go to the auction directly and check the car, pls pay for it. If you get the successful bid,  you can ask me to ship the car to your country or to your home in Japan. 


What cost do you need to bear in the case that you buy from overseas.

①annual membership fee to usd the online system

②deposit for bidding a car, 1000usd

③commission fee for auction buying 

④domestic transportation from auction to port in Japan

⑤forwarder fee

⑥shipping fee( freight), inspection, insurance

⑦tariff in your country

⑧transporation fee from the port to your home in your country


You have to think of the selling price in your country and your profit and think of the bidding price for the targeted car. You have to know the freight from Japan to your country and tariff on the car as well as the import regulation in your country before you start.


From the link below, you can check the freight. To check it out, you have to know the size of your car by M3 and the destination of course.


What can we do for you?

1.We can let you access to the Japanese auction online by the annual membership.

2. I can check the car at  the site of the auction.

3. I can recommend you which cars you bid with what budget. 

4. We can remove the car registration in Japan and take the procedure to ship the car to overseas collaborating with forwarders and shipping company.

5. I can coordinate the container banning with forwarders and ship it to overseas. 

What are the steps to start?

1. Please be the annual membership to access the auction online from overseas. (You need the internet enviroment.) by 1000usd. 

2. Pls check the cars in an auction one day prior to the auction day.

3. Tell me what number of the car you wanna bid with what budget.

4. Pls depost the money for your bid. 

5. We will bid the car you want online.

6. if we get the successful bid,  we will calculate all the cost in Japan as well as our commission.

8. After you pay the money, we will move the car from auction to the port and take the procedure for shipping.

9. After shipped the car, you will receive the B/L from us by DHL

10. You will repeat the process from 1-9 to do the retail or whole sale business in your country.

Charge Fees

Annual Membership Fee, Auction Agent Commission, and other costs occurs in Japan.

*paypal or bank transfer



Another business model in Japan?

1. You can buy used cars from us and rent out by using the application called "anyca"

2. You will buy used cars from us and rent it out as the accomodation 

3. You get the cars from the owner directly at cheap price and sell it to auctions


Why do you choose us?

1. I have the experience to work for the company exporting over 600 used cars every month. 

2. we can speak both English and Japanese.

3. we are the membership of used car auction. 

4. we can keep in touch online.

5. we can check your car you want with our eyes at the site of auction on behalf of you.